Once again things have been rather quiet and I've neglected the website. But ...

Once again things have been rather quiet and I've neglected the website. But that's not because I was just sitting around on my balcony drinking wine! No, I was in the studio and just finished recording my third CD "On My Own". I am quite pleased with the results. This time I have some great support: Hubi Sander on percussion, Philipp Sonderegger on keyboard and melodica, and Martin Summer on Contrabass. We had a great time working together - lots of creativity, spontaneity and harmony. After a few rehearsals in TiK (Dornbirn), we spent some rather intense days in Teddy Maier's wonderful recording studio.

The CD will be available on September 18th. What a coincidence! That just happens to be my birthday. The first CD presentation will be in Vienna - on September 18th - at Café Tachles. Quite unexpectedly, I'll have a band there as well: Martin Rein (electric guitar, bass), Ulrich Rein (piano, melodica) and Robert Wolf (percussion). That came as a surprise to me. I was thinking that I really didn't feel like being alone on the stage anymore, and as luck would have it, these guys volunteered their help. Once again I see that I just need to put my wishes out to the universe.

The live presentation in Vorarlberg with the band as they appear on the CD won't be until the Spring. We just don't have time before then. The dates will of course be posted here as soon as they are set. I am looking forward to it!


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Signs of activity in Spring

Things have been quiet recently, but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening. I'm getting ready to go back into the recording studio for the next CD. I learned so much recording the first one, the next CD will surely reflect that development!

Luckily I refrained from saying that the book (Poem[s]ongs) conforms to the CDs. Well, maybe I said it, but at least I didn't write that in the book! Those of you who know me can attest to the fact that I tend to change my mind. That is true in this case as well - a few new songs were written (I didn't do it on purpose! I just couldn't help myself!), so a couple of the older ones will have to bow out. 70 minutes for a CD are just too short! If all goes well, there will be another concert this fall in Tachles. I'd also like to do a concert in Vorarlberg before the winter comes.

By the way, I'd like to say that I find it funny that the only snowstorm of this season was the one that made me cancel that concert in November. If I'd known that ahead of time, I would have set up a few more dates. Only because I'm so altruistic - we could have used the snow! Next year!

Concert Cancellation: 2nd Version

Dear Friends,

It is still snowing, thank God. Because every time it lets up a bit, I question my decision to cancel the concert, although there is a considerable difference in altitude between the café on the Mountain and my town of Nueziders! Up there they have five times the amount of snow we have here down in the valley, and it is still snowing.

As most of you know, the saying, "Short but sweet" is not my motto - that's the truth, whether I like it or not. In fact, some of you probably doubt that the first brief cancellation notice was from me. But it was. I was simply in a hurry to notify everyone as soon as possible. I was concerned that some of you might otherwise leave your cars at home and set out on foot in the morning (because the drive would be too dangerous), to demonstrate your solidarity and friendship by arriving punctually. I wanted to avoid that, even under the painful condition of having to be brief.

It doesn't matter. Now I don't have any work this evening, and while I was cooking lunch, an explanation occurred to me. I always look for an explanation for dissatisfying or disappointing situations, as I believe that we can always make the best of them or learn something through them. In this case, it really is true, because I am REALLY disappointed!!! (This time I had rehearsed a lot and was going to have someone accompany me.)

A bit of history: When we chose the concert date this past summer, I thought to myself: "Hopefully the winter won't start that day!" I have repeated that wish several times since then - to myself and aloud. I can only tell you one thing: WHY didn't I listen to my mother?! She was right, as usual. You see, it's like this: According to my mother, the universe is positively oriented, that means it can only perceive wishes - without negation. To make matters more complicated, before my previous concert I wished for lots of snow, and my wish was granted. Back then, a local ski race was cancelled because of the snow, so many of my friends were able to come to the concert because there was no winners' ceremony that evening. So, this time the universe must have thought that I wanted another snow storm and really did its best to please me. Thus the story has two messages: Mothers are always right! (I should know, since I'm also a mother!) And more importantly: Speak your wishes in a positive manner. I just wanted to tell you that. (Yes, I really was in the mood to talk this evening.) The End.

So, in the spring I wish to have a new concert date, with sunshine or at least dry streets and clear skies. Then nothing can go wrong. Oops! I mean: Then everything will go well.

Best wishes,

P.S. I almost forgot why I was writing… the concert is unfortunately still cancelled!!

Some thoughts

Recently I cancelled a concert due to heavy snow. The venue is at a high altitude on a mountain. Some people were surprised at my decision. In Austria they don't have snow days like they do in the United States, so I guess I can blame it on my upbringing. But when the weather is so bad, I don't want people taking unnecessary risks on my account.

The cancellation had a positive result. A friend sent me a picture through email with the caption: "Dreams are the wings that carry us to a new reality." I really liked it and next thing I knew, I had a song ("Dreamwings"). As is the case with many of my songs, it didn't really arrive with a specific story in mind. It is comprised of images, thoughts and memories… dreams carry us further. Each of us has a unique reality. That is amazing and beautiful. It never ceases to fascinate me when I recognize how different people are and how their perceptions vary. And still we manage to find common ground. At least, we think we do! The only problem I have with this is when people think that their reality is the only valid one, or when they try to impose their reality on other people, or cause injury or damage to others as a result.

My reality has always been a little different from the norm. Clear thoughts and logic are not exactly my strong points. Better said, I have my own logic. But back to the song! It reminds me of the old days, when I lived in Manhattan. I used to love to walk through the cold wind, lost in contemplation. It was especially pleasurable after seeing a movie at the Carnegie Hall Cinema. One of my favorites was "The Story of Adele H." That was a very difficult time of my life, and going to the movies gave me the opportunity to submerge myself in a different reality. After the film, I would walk home, lost in the film, having become part of it.

In my reality it sometimes happens that everything is going along wonderfully, and then something unexpectedly unpleasant occurs. That tends to knock me over and it takes a while to get back on my feet again. The up and down aspect of life tends to be one of my main themes. That could possibly be related to the mood swings, which are one of the pillars of my reality.

I have addressed this up and down phenomenon for quite some time. One could say, I have conducted comparative scientific studies, especially regarding the subject of relationships. My husband thought I was out getting drunk with the girls, meanwhile we were having serious discussions. That in itself is a fitting example for the variety of perception regarding reality. Through these discussions, I realized that some experiences seem to be universal: they were in love, got married and had children. Then everyday life set in, which certainly placed its demands on the individuals - and didn't leave much time for nurturing the relationship. The kids got older, things eased up a bit, and the parents discovered each other once again. These insights joined together with my desire to acknowledge my companion of 24 years. He deserves recognition for having gone through so much with me all these years! I managed to harness creativity, time, and inspiration during an "up" phase to write a song, which will be on my next CD. Remember: to rise again, you first have to fall! (This line is borrowed from another song, also to be on that CD.)